Price percentage change alerts

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Cryptocurrency price percentage alerts

Cryptocurrency Price percentage change alerts

  • Get an alert, if the price of a cryptocurrency increases over a certain level within a certain time frame
  • Real-time cryptocurrency market alerts
  • EMail and pushover notifications
  • Receive alerts and respond super fast

There are many forms of investment out there. There is no denying that cryptocurrency is one of them. It has gone from the nerd money to what the layman can deal with. As a matter of fact, the question is now if cryptocurrency can go mainstream. However, market volatility seems to be the clog in the wheel for crypto attracting an even wider audience.

It is no news that cryptocurrency price is volatile. These price swings can seem to be a problem, but depending on how you see it, it is the fun in the game. Price volatility is something that will be around for a long time in cryptocurrency. A lot of people have made massive profits capitalizing on the swinging prices of various cryptocurrencies. Although it is important to mention that timing is the key factor here if you must make profits out of a trade.

You remember the regular cliché “buy low, sell high”. But what happens if you do not know when the price is at your “target low”? Or when you miss out on taking profit simply because you did not know when a coin or token hit your intended price? You would have to check market prices frequently to know when your price of a coin is high or low as the case may be. This would be stressful to keep up with but you do not have a choice. Wait! You do.

There are tools that take the stress off you when it comes to tracking crypto prices. CryptoTrendAlert is a very good one. With CryptoTrendAlert, you do not have to keep up with the charts with every spoon you take. The tool sends you cryptocurrency market alerts as they change.

Good thing is that CryptoTrendAlert sends you price percentage change alerts. You do not have to battle with calculating satoshis. You can simply set it up to receive alerts, if the price of a cryptocurrency increases over a certain level within a certain time frame. You receive alerts real quick via email and pushover notifications.

All major exchanges supported

We support all major exchanges and crypto currencies

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Currently we support 26 major cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike stock exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges are open 24/7. CryptoTrendAlert helps you managing signals from different exchanges in order to protect and increase your investments.

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