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Cryptocurrency has continued to increase in popularity lately. The 2017 December upward surge saw a lot of newbies FOMO in. It is quite safe to say that a lot of people have made some good profit from cryptocurrencies, and still do. The likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin have grown well in value in just a few years, Bitcoin being the pioneer cryptocurrency.

As many people get into cryptocurrency, it is crucial to take of its most evident feature, “volatility”. Unlike the stock market, the cryptocurrency market is known to be extremely volatile due to the fact that it is not centralized, nor regulated. This price swings mean that you could take a huge loss or make some good profit off the market in very short periods. However, to make smart trades and investments, you would need to keep up with the ever-changing prices of different cryptocurrencies. The price level matters a lot when it comes to entry and exit of any crypto market.

Before you make investment decisions, there are some terminologies you need to understand. It could be confusing at times as people often misuse terms like “market cap” and price.

While price is the amount it costs to buy a single coin or token of a particular currency, Market capitalization is simply the amount of Fiat (USD, GBP etc) invested into a cryptocurrency. The market cap is calculated by multiplying the current price by the circulating supply (total number of coins currently in circulation) of a particular cryptocurrency. For instance, the current market of Bitcoin = current price x circulating supply.

While tracking prices and market caps of various cryptocurrencies can be tasking, there are tools that help you do the job. CryptoTrendAlert is a very good one. Apart from monitoring prices, CryptoTrendAlert sends you notification if the market capitalization of a particular coin (e.g. Bitcoin) is higher than a certain level. All you have to do is set your market cap target level and you will receive a notification via email or pushover notification once the threshold is met.

CryptoTrendAlert comes with a Free and Pro plan which helps you improve your investments.

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Currently we support 26 major cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike stock exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges are open 24/7. CryptoTrendAlert helps you managing signals from different exchanges in order to protect and increase your investments.

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