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Pushover notification

Cryptocurrency Pushover notifications

  • Get real-time cryptocurrency market alerts
  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Receive alerts only once or always
  • Respond super fast
  • Configurable quiet hours where no messages will be sent to your device

It is still early days in cryptocurrency. But no more like the days when it was just bitcoin still under a dollar -when it was mere an experiment for some people who used 10000 coins to purchase pizza. Now we have over 2000 cryptocurrencies, some of them promising to be the next bitcoin. Investors now have to do their due diligence to find out projects with solid and tangible use case which will in turn cause an uptrend in value.

Whatever be the case, cryptocurrency traders now have a lot of coins to monitor. Keeping up with market price swings is very important as it is what affects your trade outcomes. CryptoTrendAlert is a tool that helps you track coin prices, and more. You can set percentage price changes and get alerts as coin prices meet your target.

CryptoTrendAlert allows you to get detailed information relating to different cryptocurrencies via email alerts and pushover notifications. This means that you can get real time notifications on your Android, iPhone, iPad and Desktop. There is no limitation on your preferred device.

CryptoTrendAlert comes with two plans -The Free and the Pro plan. With this, you can begin using this awesome tool for free right away and get alerts when the price of your favourite cryptocurrency changes. The Pro plan comes at a fair pricing too. So you do not have to break the bank.

For the free, you receive 3 Active Alerts, Email and Push Notifications. You will receive 25 Push Notifications per Month, Price Point Alerts only, on more than 2000 cryptocurrencies.

The Pro (one month) plan goes for $5 per month with Unlimited Active Alerts, Email and Push Notifications. You get 250 Push Notifications per Month (1.000 additional for $10). You also get to receive all types of alerts on more than 2000 cryptocurrencies.

The Pro (one year) plan comes with same features as the monthly, but at a price of $50 per year.

All major exchanges supported

We support all major exchanges and crypto currencies

Monitor Bitcoin Exchanges

Currently we support 26 major cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike stock exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges are open 24/7. CryptoTrendAlert helps you managing signals from different exchanges in order to protect and increase your investments.

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